Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms. Most are motile and can move freely. All animals are heterotrophs. Depending on what type of animal it is, a species can be an omnivore, carnivore, or herbivore. Humans are omnivorous, which means we eat both plants and animals. Zebras are herbivores. Their diets are made up of mostly grass and other various plants. Animals such as Lions, only eat meat. Therefore, Lions are carnivores. Most animals reproduce sexually, although there are a few animals capable of asexual reproduction. There are 9 main phyla of animals. They are Porifera (sponges)  · Nematoda (roundworms) · Mollusca (mollusks) · Cnidaria (anemone, hydra, & jellyfish) · Annelida (earth worms & leeches) · Echinodermata (marine animals) · Platyhelminthes (flat worms) · Arthropoda (insects, spiders, & crustaceans) · Chordata (vertebrates).